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New LP OneNationUnderDog –  September 18. 2019

D-FAZ_Creatures_Videoclip Release

OCTOBER 31. 2020

Halloween Special 2020

“Creatures”, instrumental track from “ONENATIONUNDERDOG” latest album

Edited from fantasy / horror classical movies.


“Creatures” videoclip. 

D-FAZ_Shocked Awake_Videoclip Release

JUNE 02. 2020

Shocked Awake new videoclip out now.

Track from “ONENATIONUNDERDOG” latest album.

Filmed during 2019 album release tour.

Directed by Victoria HERVIER. 


“Shocked Awake” videoclip  – Lyon, FRANCE



D-FAZ “Shocked Awake” Videoclip

September 24-25. 2019

New videoclip filming.


Video session  – Lyon, FRANCE



D-FAZ “OneNationUnderDog”

SEPTEMBER 18. 2019

D-FAZ new album is out !

CD digifile available here.

Download and streaming on every digital platforms.




JULY 27. 2019

D-FAZ are very proud to now be part of alternative hip-hop label DORA DOROVITCH. 

New album to be released September 18 – 2019




ALAN WARD_D-FAZ_OneNationUnderDog Mastering

MAY 23. 2019

We spent an amazing day with an awesome guy.

Looking for the “magic sauce” ? It happens here ! Forget about online e-mastering, real music with real people, you got it.

We are grateful to Alan Ward for his outstanding work.   

And damn ! You got to hear that sound coming out from those giant speakers, unforgettable moment. The couch nearly lifted off the ground 😀 




Studio session at ELECTRIC CITY – Brussels, BELGIUM


FABRICE BOY_D-FAZ_Mixes Final Check

MAY 15. 2019

It’s been a long journey but here we are.  

Mixes approved by our beloved vocals tracker / live sound engineer.

Ready for mastering !



Studio session at WARM AUDIO – Lyon, FR


ODDATEEE_D-FAZ_Vocals studio session

JANUARY 28. 2019

Final track now recorded !

Mixing has started. We’re getting close…



Studio session at WARM AUDIO – Lyon, FR


BRZOWSKI_D-FAZ_Vocals studio session
JULY 17. 2018
2 more songs recorded by Brzowski.

Only a few more before mixing. Again very excited ! 


Studio session at MECA recording lab – Portland, MAINE