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Born 3 years ago, this alternative hip hop / electro band results from a chance meeting of vocalist BRZOWSKI (Portland,ME USA) and the “Studio Pirate” team at a club show in Lyon, FR nearly 4 years ago. 

 Ronan a.k.a. NoizeMaker joined recently, bringing the band a step further in electronic explorations.

 These 4 musicians take us through an electrorganic universe

 This authentic union has aimed to unify around the gravity of youth-culture and invite the listener to trip across multi-layered sonic landscapes- sometimes percussive, often dark or progressive, collecting diverse influences around a common foundation: bass music and alternative rap.

 The lyrics attempt to erase the division between “I”, “we” and the dreaded “they/them”. DFAZ is about “us”, with no place remaining for misguided individualism and selfishness flying in the face of our modern epoch’s greed-driven values.

Lyrics, flow and BRZOWSKI’s coded verbal universe serve as the lookout of the sonic ghost-ship named D-FAZ.

First S/T EP recorded in “Jarring Effects” studio, officially released on 06/18/2016. 

Videoclip “Abandoning” released on 06/12/2016

First album “OneNationUnderDog” released on September 18. 2019 under “Dora Dorovitch” label.

“Dora Dorovitch is a small capacity creative unit born 2003, France. Hosts a secret research department on non-sustainable music and other impossible projects”

New videoclip “Shocked Awake” to be released on January 2019